March 23, 2022

Why we invested in MaxSold

FRAMEWORK leads Series B funding for MaxSold to build the premier solution for North American re-commerce and make this process approachable, quick and fun.

FRAMEWORK is thrilled to have led MaxSold’s Series B investment and have CEO, Sushee Perumal and the entire MaxSold team join the FRAMEWORK network of world-class technology companies that are changing the world.

At FRAMEWORK, it always starts with a bold, ambitious, and world changing mission, and MaxSold’s goal is simple: Make the process of selling a large volume of items approachable, quick and fun. The unique auction platform's purpose is to empower buyers and sellers to extend the life of goods for new generations to love. In short, MaxSold has reinvented estate sales through its digital solution and is committed to providing the best-in-class platform for reselling a large volume of goods and for buying items second-hand.

Its impact is felt in people’s lives by solving a tremendous problem at a moment of vulnerability. When downsizing, moving, or selling an estate, individuals are faced with large amounts of household items that need to be disposed of or dispersed, and doing so can be difficult, emotional, time consuming, or expensive, and it is usually all of the above.

MaxSold’s impact is also felt in our environment and is doing its part to preserve our planet. The majority of items in estates are not fit for larger auction houses, leaving family members and friends to sort through items, rent a dumpster and throw them out. MaxSold provides a more eco-friendly solution and limits what would otherwise be excess items in landfills.

FRAMEWORK’s investment thesis lies in MaxSold now quickly becoming a centralized re-commerce platform for estates, downsizings and businesses with emerging, cross-functional utility for all other re-commerce market participants.

Beyond individuals and businesses using MaxSold’s platform, resellers are shifting their inventory to MaxSold because of its buyer base and technology platform. Re-commerce is one of the fastest growing categories of goods purchasing in North America with a massive market, but it still remains highly fragmented with no easy, scalable technology-first solution for the distribution of disparate inventory. MaxSold is quickly becoming that re-commerce platform with cross functional utility for all market participants.

Technology and great market opportunity are an important part of the investment thesis, but equally as important is the team and leadership. Sushee Perumal is an infectiously energetic entrepreneur with a relentless pursuit of making the world a better place, and with MaxSold being that catalyst. This guiding mission of MaxSold has attracted a like-minded leadership team and team members who are dedicated, passionate and have demonstrated track records of scaling organizations.

We are excited to partner with MaxSold on this growth journey!