Our Approach


A new model of active capital to empower founders with more than a formula for success.

groundbreaking data

Benchmarking progress begins with monitoring the right metrics over time. FRAMEWORK’s proprietary database of 30,000+ startups generates insights to drive growth and guide decision-making. This data-driven approach allows us to analyze companies in a fundamental and comprehensive way. With deep experience in venture investing and financial services, our team can quantify intricate models to evaluate businesses.

Established frameworks

World-class is hard. Entrepreneurs need tools for overcoming challenges in the scaling journey. Our tried-and-true frameworks and solutions are designed for financial systems, technology and product, go-to-market, sales and marketing, talent, and governance. Whether it’s building a team, fostering culture, developing financial systems or forging new partnerships, FRAMEWORK gives Founders customized strategies to assist growth.

Operational Expertise

When FRAMEWORK invests in you, a team of industry leaders has your back. Because each company is one-of-a-kind, FRAMEWORK Partners help Founders navigate their unique path with empathy and enthusiasm for the startup journey. Portfolio companies work closely with our experts to uncover blind spots, expose opportunities for improvement and enable faster experimentation and growth.

a new platform approach

Reinventing the venture capital ecosystem for early-stage startups.

Startup Scorecard

By providing their own data, any startup can assess their performance against a database of more than 30,000 others at a similar stage or in the same vertical.

The Scorecard produces quantitative benchmarks and insights to guide action based on numerous structured data fields. This innovative platform is designed to connect early stage Startups with potential investors.

Startups can also opt-in to be matched to potential seed and pre-seed investors, through curated lists made available to the Investor Network.

Investor Network

The Investor Network is designed to connect LPs and early-stage investors with interesting new companies that fit their investment strategy and reduces the burden associated with early-stage investing by providing valuable, systematic metrics that often determine success and growth.

FRAMEWORK is a collaborative model of venture capital. Our team shares its network and partnership opportunities with the entire portfolio; Our investors and industry partners often build direct relationships with portfolio companies.

Atomic growth framework

The foundation of our working relationship with portfolio Founders and leadership teams, The Atomic Growth Framework generates alignment around the smallest units of growth within a company and uses that to build a forward-looking operational plan.

This open, exploratory format is designed for introspection, while building strong alignment, shared goals and synergies between teams.

Guiding principles

Exceptional startups deserve exceptional partners.


Our model of active capital creates strong alignment between Founders and VC partners. We provide invaluable, trusted counsel for portfolio leaders through honesty, adaptability, an eagerness to act, and the confidence of industry leaders who are ready to listen.


Drive. Tenacity. Perseverance. Resilience.
Whatever you call it, we are committed to backing companies and founders who are determined to change the world. We work tirelessly with and for our founders, helping our portfolio companies succeed in their missions.


FRAMEWORK is a top-performing venture fund. As a company, we model a culture of excellence and we help build it in our portfolio. Our extraordinary partners help startups become better, stronger, smarter quicker and ultimately more prepared for the next phase of growth.