September 15, 2021

Why we invested in Cardoor

Framework is incredibly excited to announce our investment in Cardoor and welcome the team into the Framework family!  We are especially compelled not only by CarDoor’s model and growth, but the company’s world class team, led by online industry veteran, Matt McKenzie. CarDoor is looking to optimize the consumer car buying experience and eliminate customer pain points, and we’re excited to join the team on their journey.

Today, buying a used vehicle can be a tedious process, and consumers aren’t always satisfied with their experience.

Uncertain quality, a lack of assurance and a purchasing process involving excessive paperwork and multiple trips can feel both exhausting and daunting. In today’s digital-first world, consumers want and demand an experience that is frictionless and seamless from a trusted brand with everything they purchase. The used vehicle market participants today in Canada fail to provide this level of service and ubiquity.

Imagine a vehicle buying experience where we can remove all of these pain points, while maintaining the dealership’s personalized and local service that consumers have come to appreciate.

Imagine an online dealership where consumers could start their buying journey from the comfort of their own home, speak to a highly knowledgeable but not over-bearing sales agent, and have the vehicle directly delivered to their door with no excessive paperwork. Cardoor is an experience that goes above and beyond current expectations to provide consumers peace of mind that the car they’re buying has gone through a rigorous safety inspection, with no hidden accident history, and is offered at a fair price through no-haggle pricing.

Enter CarDoor, Canada’s fastest-growing online vehicle retailing platform.

CarDoor simplifies the entire vehicle buying process by offering a completely online buying and direct delivery experience to consumers. Consumers get access to highly knowledgeable sales staff, free at home delivery, and a standard 14-day money back guarantee. It also offer a best in market 90-day bumper to bumper warranty and 60-day exchange program on all vehicles.

The team here at FRAMEWORK is highly impressed by the company’s emphasis in putting its customers first. Beyond all of the operational prowess and efficiency in sourcing, maintaining and selling vehicles, the team has simply prioritized making the lives of its customers better. Part of this experience includes a scale of inventory that will allow every customer to find the car of their dreams. CarDoor is hyper-focused on providing high quality, used vehicles to its consumers and are building a brand based on trust, credibility, and integrity. Expect to see it expand into new markets and achieve the status of the go-to e-commerce vehicle platform for all Canadians.