September 24, 2020

Why we invested in Attunely

We are pleased to announce our investment in Attunely. We welcome Scott Ferris and the rest of the Attunely team to the Framework family!

So — why did we invest?

In these unprecedented times, Attunely was not only FRAMEWORK's first investment outside of Canada, but it was our first investment where we never (and still haven’t) met the company in person. While we fell in love with the market opportunity and its technology, it was really the team that shone above all others and gave us the conviction to partner with the company at an early stage.

For a small team, we were immediately impressed with CEO Scott Ferris and the leadership team he has assembled. We quickly bought into the team’s vision for leveraging data to drive actionable insights for its customers in the revenue recovery sector and the phased-approach the company had mapped out to disrupt the credit and debt scoring space. Interaction with the team, including CTO Ryan Kosai, VP Sales Rob Nadler, and CLO Steve Wilansky was open and collaborative, and gave the entire FRAMEWORK investment team comfort in their ability to experiment, pivot, and iterate. All this was easily completed over teleconferencing and got us to an excited (but remote) “yes”.

At the intersection of artificial intelligence and fintech, Attunely is re-imagining how debt recovery and delinquency is managed. Using behavioural information and macroeconomic trends on tens of millions of data records and growing, Attunely’s machine-learning models leverage data beyond what is included in a traditional credit score to provide near real-time insights into a consumer’s profile.

This vision will lead to more effective outreach improving yields and offering a better consumer experience.

We are excited to partner with Attunely and look forward to helping Scott and his team continue to modernize the receivables industry. Onward and upward!