June 3, 2024

Maxa.ai joins Portfolio: The Gen-AI amplified solution for business and ERP insights automation.

We are pleased to announce that Maxa has joined the portfolio, closing a US$21 million Series A financing round led by FRAMEWORK Ventures Partners and co-led by the BDC Industrial Innovation Venture Fund.

Maxa, winner of the 2024 North America Data Drivers Award for most innovative data-driven application is empowering business leaders to make data-driven decisions.

Based in Montreal, Maxa unifies multiple ERP and business data systems into a single, pre-computed source of insights, allowing business leaders to make data-driven decisions in a timely manner. At the core is Maxa’s Universal Business Data Model (UBDM), which can unify and standardize raw data from nearly any business system.

Business leaders nowadays are facing enormous amounts of data, regardless of the industry they’re in. Big or small, companies are capturing more data than ever on individuals, companies, operations, and competitors, leveraging 100+ SaaS tools on average to help. Adding further complexity is that many of these tools capture different data types, create unique data structures, and have limited ability to communicate with other tools. 

Maxa extracts, uniforms, transforms, and analyzes a company’s data sources and provides insights to management in a timely manner, empowering business leaders to make data-driven decisions. What really sets Maxa apart is its ease of deployment and customer understanding. As a Snowflake Native App, Maxa can be securely installed in a customer’s own Snowflake data cloud account, benefiting from all the features that make Snowflake’s data infrastructure top tier - security, control and performance. In addition, Maxa customers rave about the company’s understanding of business needs and ability to communicate in a non-technical way.

We are extremely excited to be partnering with Alexis, Raphael, and the entire team at Maxa, who have built a world-class solution that helps cut through the noise and tell business leaders what they need to know. With this investment the company will expand product features, including Gen-AI capabilities, launch customer self-serve solutions, and scale its go-to-market.