August 8, 2022

It’s Time for Venture Capital 2.0

In VC, we put a lot of stake in cultivating data-driven decision-making inside our portfolio companies. We want experiments in hyper-growth to be rigorous, controlled, quantifiable, repeatable and, perhaps above all, impact revenue positively. 

For years, FRAMEWORK has applied those same standards to our own investment decision-making approach. Today, we have announced new, widely-accessible tools that will positively impact the ecosystem overall by making data-driven tools in startups and VC the new standard of excellence. 

Whether it’s Founders who got started on their big project directly out of college and who are now trying to figure out how they are doing in their marketplace, and what they should do next to optimize their growth, or whether it’s seed and pre-seed Investors searching for young companies to develop in a certain vertical, FRAMEWORK’s new data-driven end-to-end platform approach has positive implications for the whole space. Institutional investors who are looking for ways to quantify and compare investment opportunities, now have access to a VC partner who also speaks their language. 

Today, we also welcome three remarkable new partners: Barbara Dirks, Jean-Michel Texier and Mike Dobbins who, along with existing partners Peter Misek and Ajay Gopal, provide deep international investor and partner networks, leadership expertise in venture and across all major operating areas, and who will help lead Framework’s new cutting-edge model of venture capital. 

We’re also excited to announce the opening of our first US-based office in Austin, characterized by a vibrant and young tech and VC ecosystem. And where our tools and team have the potential to make a big impact. 

FRAMEWORK is excited to make big strides into a new model of practice: VC 2.0.

Venture beyond capital.