March 23, 2022

Data Driven Feedback FOR Founders

The right people are the most critical ingredient for startup success and that benchmarks are the single most important piece of information we can give to these individuals. We strongly believe that anything measured can be improved. Therefore as a firm, we collect data on startups. Currently, we track approximately 30,000 startups and over 50 data fields for startups globally. Our intention behind collecting this data is to give back to the startup ecosystem and allow startups to measure their progress against their peers. This means we share our data in a constructive manner, providing sources of advice and recommendations for funds.

As a fund, our goal is to maximize the positive impact we have on the startup ecosystem.

To achieve this goal, we’re launching a Startup Scorecard leveraging our database. It’s simply meant for Founders and management teams to benchmark themselves and their companies against our database.

It’s not a substitute for interaction with us or intended to be prescriptive of future actions. Rather, we want to provide valuable insights for founders by making our data openly available, so they can answer the simply, predominant question: "how are we doing?" Nothing like this has been available before, and we encourage founders to use it, abuse it and ultimately learn from it.

Raising capital is a critical part of the startup journey, but FRAMEWORK won’t always be the right fund for every startup. So we created the Investor Network, a partnership with other venture funds, to steer deal flow their way. Founders opt-in to be added to curated lists featuring new and interesting companies, that fit the investment strategy of the LP. Why would we give potential competitors our deal flow? Simple, it’s the right thing to do for Founders and doing so strengthens the overall ecosystem exponentially.

So to all the founders and management teams out there reach out to to access the value of our data. We wish you success!