April 5, 2023

Brizo Data: Making data digestible for businesses across the foodservice industry

We are pleased to announce that Brizo Data has joined the portfolio, securing almost US$9 million in a series A financing led by FRAMEWORK Venture Partners with participation of BDC Industrial Innovation Venture Fund.

Based in Quebec City, Brizo’s core product, FoodMetrics, is North America’s most advanced platform for industry-wide foodservice market analytics. The quality, timeliness and variety of their data is unparalleled and assists businesses in making better decisions to drive growth and succeed among their peers. 

The rapid adoption of technology in the foodservice industry during the pandemic has created unprecedented amounts of data that can be used to benefit companies in the sector. Connecting the dots between the data that is now available will power the next generation of industry decision-making. Brizo’s customizable dashboard assists operators in the field for whom data is a new ingredient in the recipe for success

In highly competitive markets, often with narrow margins, data gives businesses a powerful edge over competitors. The opportunity couldn’t be greater than in the foodservice sector today, where recovery from pandemic disruptions has been hampered by inflation and staffing challenges. 

Today’s food business leaders are increasingly using industry data to focus on the best predicted outcomes. 

We are thrilled to work with Brizo’s skilled leadership team–all of whom have previous experience growing startups in the data and analytics sector. With this investment the company will scale growth and expand into new markets. 

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